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Create the Ultimate Patio 2/2

Create the Ultimate Patio - Part 2

Following on from part 1 last week, this guide will help you to envisage your perfect patio and provide ideas on how to create it. Our paving blocks and flagstones come in hundreds of different combinations of colours, styles, sizes, thicknesses, patterns, and textures. Read on to find out how to pick the right ones for you!

River Stone 3's

Step 5 - Patterns

There are many laying patterns to choose from depending upon the type of paving blocks or flagstones you choose, and your personal preference.

The pattern you choose can give your project a more formal or more casual feel and can make it easier or more difficult to install. Paving blocks have nearly endless possibilities when taking into account different patterns. This is where you can get really creative.

Step 6 - Borders and Banding/Ribboning

Depending on how large the area is, borders can add a significant accent to the project.

Consider whether you would like to use one or multiple ‘bands’ depending on how wide an area you have and the amount of defined edge you want to create. You can use the same colour or colour blend as in your field for a subtle look, or a contrasting colour to make the border stand out.

Step 7- Accent Colours and Contrasting Textures

Utilizing accent colours can help you define spaces that have different uses. For example the dining vs. cooking vs. lounging areas of your patio.

Another idea is a separate border colour. The same can be said about inserting a different texture into your pattern or border. For instance, if your main laying pattern consists of Country Cobble pavers you could use a double border of setts with the outside border Country Cobble consistent with the field. Changing the textures within a project can add a lot of depth and provide a nice finishing touch.

Step 8 - Creating an Outdoor Room

The addition of vertical elements such as retaining or freestanding walls, BBQ islands, countertops/bars, and fireplaces will truly make your patio into an outdoor extension of your home.

These elements can create the feel of outdoor kitchens, dining rooms, and living rooms. Walls not only separate spaces and allow elevation changes; they can also provide additional seating. BBQ islands & bars provide additional prep and eating space, but also serve as a place for friends and family to gather around. Fireplaces add warmth literally and allow you to use your space despite cooler temperatures.

Design Service

Design Service

If you feel like you need further assistance in creating your perfect patio why not get in contact with our in-house Landscape Designer.

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