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Garden Lighting

Garden Lighting

Garden Lighting

As we approach the end of August it is hard to ignore that the summer is drawing to a close, and the darker evenings are upon us. What we should remember however is this should not mean our garden has to go into hibernation.

Extend the Day 

With the use of garden lighting, you can extend your time spent in the garden and make the most out of your outside space coming into the darker evenings. Garden lighting adds an alternate dimension to your garden; extending the day is just part it. Garden Lighting can provide a different view from the daylight perspective, be it for the last of the summer BBQ’s or as an alternative to closing the blinds on the cooler, damper evenings.

Safety and Security 

Determine what you want the lighting to do when you start to contemplate your exterior lighting scheme. Security, access, theatre and activity are the main functions.
Light fittings by your entrance may be proximity lights that alert you to someone coming, and will also provide safe access. At the same time, you might focus on the walls of the house by the entrance to enhance an attractive elevation and to showcase some of that Acheson + Glover Brickwork.


Downlighters fixed in the pergola over your outside eating areas will allow you to be active in the garden for a many more hours in the year. Think about zoning the lights, too, so some come on every night and others only when you flick the switch. It is also important to highlight steps. The use of lighting with an eyelid-type feature will help direct light down so it does not dazzle you. 


If you have a favourite feature, such as a statue or water feature, cross lighting by putting two spot lights in front to either side works well too. Backlighting, created by lighting behind the focal point, makes the item’s silhouette stand out.

For more ideas on how to create a beautiful garden retreat for all seasons check out our products section.

Garden Lighting

Extend the time spent in your garden



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