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Create the ultimate patio 1/2

Create the ultimate patio - Part 1 of 2

Paving blocks and flagstones come in hundreds of different combinations of colours, styles, sizes, thicknesses, patterns, and textures. This enables nearly endless possibilities! The following guide will help to get you started in selecting your layout & materials and making your project unique.


Manor Stone Flags

Step 1 - Area

Mark off the area that you are going to be working with. You can do this with landscape marking paint, landscape marking flags, measuring tape, or even a garden hose.

Make sure to take measurements and note permanent structures such as your house, the location of doors/windows, mature trees/landscaping, etc. Physically seeing the actual size of your canvas will help you visualize your project and can help make decisions easier.

Step 2 - Style

Pavers and Flagstones come in a variety of styles. The appropriate style for your space will be determined by the type of house you have.

At Acheson + Glover our Pavers and Flagstones can range from traditional styles to sleek minimalist, modern looks.

TerraPave® Flags
Plaza paving

Step 3 - Texture

There are a variety of textures to opt for when selecting the finish for your patio.

We offer a vast range for your selection ranging from the likes of our ground Natural Aggregate Flags to our textured Plaza Paving Blocks.

Step 4 - Colour

An easy way to complement your house is by pulling in the roof and trim colours and incorporating them into your landscape, which provides a cohesive accent.

Our pavers and flags come in a range of colour ‘blends’. If you are interested in making a statement, then going with a dominant colour that will draw immediate attention can be accomplished through the use of a contrasting colour palette.

TerraPave® flags

Keep an eye out for the next installment of this blog to find out more about creating your very own unique patio. Feel free to pop in to one of our showrooms and have a look at our samples, outdoor room displays, and speak with our experienced staff.

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