Jul 21

The Perfect Outside Room

The perfect outside room

A term used on a daily basis here at Acheson + Glover is 'outside room'; meaning to create rooms outside that are similar to the ones you have in your home.

There are many projects you can do to enhance your outdoor space for entertaining and enjoying this season.  A patio can soon become an outdoor kitchen, dining room, living room, or all three depending on your space and budget. Whatever your outside room needs Acheson + Glover is sure to have the right products and staff to help you create your dream living space.

Canterra Flags


There are many options to choose from when deciding on the flooring for your outdoor room. This could be the choice between the use of Flagstones or Pavers, the colour or texture of the Flagstone or Paver.

It is best to think of your choice as you would the flooring in your home.  Try to match or compliment the style and colours on the exterior of your home so it will feel like a natural extension of your living space.  


In addition to patio furniture, consider more permanent built additions to your space. A concrete or flagged counter can provide a home for your BBQ and become an outdoor kitchen

A retaining wall can better define your space and provide extra seating for larger events.  Larger scale planters can define space, become a focal point and provide a burst of colour from plants and the pots themselves.

Basalt Walling
Fergustine Outdoor Fireplace


Fire will add ambiance and warmth to any outdoor space. 

Depending on the size and style of your outdoor space, consider adding one of the following options: Fire pits – are great for relaxed and casual spaces. Fireplaces bring it up to the next level. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles, and can become the focal anchor for an outdoor living room


Water features can encompass anything from a bubbling fountain, a waterfall, a pond, or all three. 

The soothing sound of moving water is relaxing and can also mask unwanted noises from roadways, utilities, etc. Water features can also make a space feel cooler in hot weather.

Soothing Water Feature
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