Nov 28

The Right Approach…To Your Home!

The Right Approach… To your home!

It is true what they say, first impressions really do count. Whether this is on a first date, first day at a new job or meeting the in-laws for the first time. Our appearance will have an etching memory with our audience. Despite it being the first thing we usually see when looking at a property, we often neglect our driveways and entrances.

It is estimated that an attractive property entrance will add an additional 5-10% to the value of your home. Even if you are not thinking of selling, an upgrade to your driveway will certainly improve the look of the whole property.

Here are a few tips on how to spruce up that driveway.

Add Character to Your Drive

Don’t just opt for a plain tarmac surface with no detail, add a little interest to the area with the use of a range of paving. Paving can be laid in a number of patterns that will catch the eye and add interest. Break the area up further with the use of Setts. If gravel is your choice of material, border it and reduce spreading with the addition of a Sett border to retain the gravel in an area.

Illusion of Space

Driveways don’t have to be squared off. Create a sense of space with the use of a curved pattern. The curve will trick the mind into thinking there is a greater amount of space. The curve will also allow for some additional planting in front of the property and around the driveway.

Drain Away

With the addition of permeable paving, you will allow rain water to soak away between the paving stones rather than running onto the road. This will have a huge impact on the environment, never mind the mess it will reduce when washing the car.

Think Seasonal

Take planting into consideration when it comes to the front of your house. Ensure that you try to cater for all seasons. The addition of a silver birch tree will add strong colour in winter, long after the flowers have finished blooming. The addition of planting such as hydrangeas will fill out over time and will bloom out and soften the edge of a building of driveway.

Add height

Add some height to the driveway to draw the eye up to the key features around it. Raised flower beds to either side of the property will allow you to focus on the architecture of your property. The addition of the wall will add interesting levels in a commonly levelled area.


By making your driveway attractive, attention grabbing and full of character, you can present a welcoming and inviting impression to all your guests and visitors.



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