Oct 18

Create a garden masterpiece

Create a garden masterpiece

Our ever popular Manor Stone and River Stone ranges can be incorporated into any design approach you decide to take for your landscaping project. The versatility of the shapes and the layout patterns coinciding with the colour ranges and finishes will only add to your Landscape Design.

Offering lots of creative scope, it can be used to conjure up the image of a rustic stone floor in a country house but is equally at ease in a contemporary setting of a modern home. And now for a limited time only all of this for only £14 per m² + VAT or how about one of our Patio kits reduced from £477 to £390 including VAT.

Keep it traditional

With Manor Stones ruffled edges and rustic charm it is easily incorporated into any traditional design. With its natural stone qualities and the glistening of the granite sands coming through will allow for a beautiful and charismatic addition to your landscape. Connect the areas of your traditional patio area with the use of pathways laid in our River Stone Pavers. Let the colour blends continue as you move from your patio to another area of delight hidden in your garden. Use the rustic colours of the Glenarm to compliment the natural materials such as natural stone in your building or the surrounding landscape. Or let the three shades of grey in our Blackwater work their magic against a traditional red brick façade. Maybe you want the vibrancy and warmth of the Slaney mix to add a bit more depth and character to your design.

Go contemporary

Sharp edges, glistening granite sands and a beautiful mix of colours. All attributes that our Manor Stone Flags and River Stone Pavers can bring to your contemporary design. With a mixture of the two products it is easy to produce a design that will enhance your contemporary approach. The blend of a border around our Manor Stone Flags with the use of River Stone Pavers is sure to set off any contemporary design. With the 4 size mix of the Manor Stone and the 3 size mix or 200x150mm mix of the River Stone as well as their unique colours there are endless possibilities to your design.


It is key to make a great first impression, and with the introduction of River Stone Pavers you are sure to get the neighbours talking for all the right reasons. The unique gently rippling of the River Stone’s surface and the sharpness of its edges makes this a fresh approach to your driveway. With River Stone’s three unique colour blends to choose from and an outstanding promotional driveway kit reduced from £537 to an amazing £396 including VAT, you’re bound to find a River Stone that’s right for your dramatic entrance.

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