Oct 25

Halloween Patio Party!

Halloween Patio Party!

At this spooky time of year, there is nothing like the fun and excitement of sitting around a crackling fire with fireworks overhead lighting up the night’s sky. So why not have a Halloween Patio Party!

An outdoor party is less work than an indoor get-together. There are no rooms to clear and little mess to clear up after the event. Simple food which is easily dished such as Pumpkin Soup spiced with chili and hot dogs are sure to keep the belly both warm and full through the night. This can be topped off with the addition of Toffee Apples to get your fangs into!

Be sure to make an entrance

You don’t have to go over the top with the decorations. A few simple touches such as a cobweb curtain over your front door along with a lit pumpkin or two on your steps to light up your doorway.

Setting up

You will need a bit of space to host a firework display in your garden. The general rule is to allow for approximately 8m clearance for garden fireworks. It may be best to position the spectators on your patio area with clear view of the night’s sky and the firework display. This will allow your guests to enjoy not only the display but the food and beverages to go along with it.

Keep it cool.

We couldn’t let all the kids have all the fun. While you are doing the rounds with the trick or treaters keep your beverages cool. A perfect Halloween drinks cooler can be crafted from a pumpkin. Simply hollow out the pumpkin and fill with ice, the chosen drink is up to you.

Create featured lighting

Take a woven wicker wreath, decorate it with foliage found in the garden and keep lit with LED candles, and hang over your patio area or your built-in seating area. This will add a sense of occasion to your patio.Skeletons in AG Show Garden

Fire it up

Key to any Autumn gathering is an outdoor fire. A fire pit can be easily added through a purchase at any local DIY store, or go that bit further and add a feature through the addition of a built-in fire pit using our Retaining Wall Blocks or our Mile Stone Wall Blocks.

When the ashes in your fire pit start to glow it is the ideal time to start toasting sausages, marshmallows or even baked potatoes wrapped in foil. To create an instant fireside dessert, slit a banana still in its skin and slide a chocolate button into the cavity you created. Wrap in foil and toast for around 15 minutes. Yummy!



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