Sep 20

Store Your Garden Away

Store Your Garden Away

So you want to sort out your garden and keep it tidy over the colder seasons, but you can’t figure out what to do with that Rusty Barbecue that lurks in the corner or the left-over pile of logs for winter.

There are many ways of disguising bulky or unattractive things in the garden, from bins to bikes. With a huge range of different shapes, materials and sizes to choose from, the trick is to decide what type of storage solution is best for your needs and style.

Creating a Storage Solution

Before you start shopping, take time to think about all the outdoor items you would like to store away. This will determine the size and the shape of the storage you need. Decide where you would like to locate it, as this too will have a bearing factor on the type of storage you require.

There is a range of materials that can be used to create a storage solution. From a galvanised steel approach for stowing away more valuable items such as Lawnmowers and Power Tools, to a natural wood finish, which can be used to store children’s toys or even as a log store. You can even use a brick approach to create a small storage shed. Why not check out some of our AG brick and block range to see how we can solve your storage needs.

Alternatives to Standard Outdoor Seating

If planning to build bespoke outdoor seating, why not add drawers underneath your seats or a camouflaged flap for instant access to otherwise dead space.

Almost all garden furniture and storage solutions will come flat packed, and larger items will likely require two people to assemble. Make sure there is enough space in your garden to build it. Place your storage near a garden path, so you don’t get muddy feet when you are walking to and fro. 

Storage Solutions