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Introducing Texture

Introducing Texture

When a lot of us think about the introduction of texture to the garden, we may take into account the texture of certain plants, and how they may look and feel. But what about introducing texture in other ways to enhance your outside space?

Pebble, stone, wood and brick are all ways of introducing texture to the landscape and inject a wow factor into plots of any size. The texture will invite users to touch and explore rather than just observe. Texture, therefore, will make your landscape more welcoming and interactive.

Top Tips

1. Create a dramatic entrance

Create a dramatic entrance to your garden with the addition of a wooden archway. Curved lines of an arch will not only add an architectural structure and presence but also provides a texture and drama. The arch will serve a dual purpose and will allow climbers to gradually become part of the arch. If you're not a lover of the wooden arch how about a set of pillars to mark the entrance to your sanctuary? 

2. Become a feature creature!

Make a feature wall from brick or wood off cuts. Jutting your selected material out will provide a non-linear look and gives an innovative alternative to more traditional divides such as your standard fence or wall. Increase the feel of tranquillity with the addition of a water feature tucked into your feature wall. It is an architectural look that is not too difficult to construct but has dramatic appeal and will most definitely provide a talking point.

3. Time for a clean slate

Slate gives a modern monochrome feel to the garden for times when you want your planting to take centre stage. Our Manor Stone Blackwater flagstones are full of character, with hues from soft greys to dark charcoal. Placing this beside an area of planting will allow your beds to take centre stage and bloom with colour and texture.

4. Water, water everywhere!

Have you got any slate tiles left over from your building project and want to know how you could incorporate them into your landscape? How about using them for a water feature? Stack the slate’s one on top of the next to give you a rough edge. Add the addition of copper piping for a contrasting smooth finish for your water features piping. When the water flows, it will help to magnify the texture of the slate, changing its appearance entirely.

5. Take a seat

Use a brick or block for your garden seating, selecting the colour from the vast range of bricks we have available to the public to best suit your garden. The roughness of the brick will work well against a smooth wood for the base of your seat. The addition of cushions placed around the area will help to soften the landscape.

You've now got a garden that's vibrant and full of texture!

A Garden With Texture

Ideas to create that beautiful mix of textures in your garden.



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