Jul 08

4 Plants To Scent Your Summer Evening

4 Plants To Scent Your Summer Evening

As dusk begins to fall it is time for night scented plants to step up to the mark and earn their place in the garden. Here are some night fragrances to stimulate your senses.

1. Sweet Rocket

(Hesperis Matronalis)

A cluster of strongly scented flowers which have a retro cottage garden look.

2. Pink Evening Primrose

(Oenothera speciosa)

Enjoy big pink flowers with papery petals, which are good for growing in clumps by the edge of a path. Their buds pop to release their scents.

3. White Campion

(Silene Latifolia)

These heart shape petals have a delicate scent in the evening.

4. Night Scented Stock

(Matthiola Longipetala)

These really pack a punch with a warm honey scent when the sun goes down.

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