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Get your garden summer ready

Get your garden summer ready!

Are you planning on making your garden the ideal space for entertaining? Here's 9 simple tips to get your garden ready for the summer holidays.

1. Make a decorative edging.

Give a new look to a border with tidy edging such as paving block or kerbing to retain your planting.

2. Group your pots

Not only does it look more effective but it is easier for watering.

3. Pop up a tent or install a gazebo

Brilliant for shading from the sun or hiding from the rain.

4. Invest in a hose

Give plants a thorough drenching after a hot day.

5. Add a little light

The likes of tiki torches will not only give you light but the flame will act as a bug buster!

6. Create a seating spot

Make a relaxation zone with the addition of a comfy chair, your favourite pots and a glass of something cool.

7. Clean the patio

Get a hose and a soft brush and scrub down the patio area.

8. Clean the BBQ

Make sure your grill is sparkling before you start to cook.

9. Buy some cushions

Give old garden furniture a fresh look with cosy cushions.

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Get Your Garden Summer Ready



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