Jun 07

North Facing Gardens

North Facing Gardens

Have you got a north facing garden that you just aren’t making the most of? With careful planning and planting you can create a bright space that works all year round!

Paving and Flagging

Light finishes are ideal for shady places. They will bring a bit of a light and airy feel to the area, and ultimately attract you and your family into the space on a regular basis. Check out our TerraPave Rimini flagstone for a light and clean patio floor.

Illuminate the nooks

Candles, lanterns, solar powered bulbs or mains wired lighting add instant atmosphere to dark corners.

Light it up.

Plants with glossy leaves or brightly coloured silver foliage will reflect the natural light to add interest in your space.

Choose wisely

Weather resistant furnishings – or at least washable covers will help maintain your garden furniture all year round.

Favour Evergreens

This will ensure that you always have some colour, and provides the perfect backdrop for spring and summer blooms.

Think Sunshine.

Find an area in your garden which gets the most sunshine. Focus your area of relaxation here.

North Facing Gardens

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