Jun 20

Say Goodbye To Grass

Say Goodbye To Grass

So you want the low-maintenance approach but do not know how to go grass free! Stylish paving and flagging and retaining wall systems may be the answer to your problems.

Inviting Gardens

A garden doesn’t need to have grass to be inviting. Paving and flagging materials will create a backdrop for your pots and plants and possible retaining beds to take centre stage.

Flagstones and paving stones are easy to keep and they will provide a reliably flat surface to allow for family occasions and for the kids to play in all seasons without the risk of muddy feet.

Depth & Interest

There is a lot we can do to make our gardens stand out and look amazing with the use of flagging, paving and retaining Walls. Also, the introduction curves and circles, different laying patterns and a range of colours and heights will add depth and interest and colour to your grass free garden.

Grass Free Gardens

A low-maintenance alternative to grass



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