May 10

14 Cunning Ideas to Make Your Garden Stand Out

14 Cunning Ideas to Make Your Garden Stand Out

There are so many amazing styles of gardens out there that it can be hard to know which you want to emulate. If you're experiencing that dilemma, prepare to think of us as your own gurus or private landscapers, as we've brought together some great suggestions for you to consider.

Whether you fancy an arty or a family-friendly garden, we've got it right here for you. Come and take a look and prepare to get in touch with your green side!

1. Low maintenance is a great option

For those new to gardening as you have little to worry about!

2. Mediterranean styling could coax great weather over

But if not, still looks great!

3. We could all use a little Zen in our lives

Or our garden!

4. Small gardens aren't a hopeless cause

Just make them functional.

5. If you like colour, go wild in your garden!

However big or small your space is.

6. Social gardens can be the easiest to maintain

Potted plants only!

7. An elegant garden will always have a well-manicured lawn

And some comfortable seating.

8. Opt for a statement garden with a big centrepiece

If you like to make a style splash, such as with this green screen.

9. Don't be afraid to be unique!

Make your garden as individual as you are.

10. If sculpture is your thing

Install some to create an artistic garden space.

11. Don't be scared to show whimsy

Nobody ever said it isn't a legitimate garden theme.

12. Rooftops gardens are somewhat dictated by their location

But you can make them stunning and shut as much of the city out as you like.

13. Try some lavender, herbs and an apple tree or two

No country garden would be complete without them.

14. Why not make your garden an amazing playground?

If your family is your main driving force for creating a pretty space.

Cunning Ideas

to make your garden stand out



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