May 26

Three Is The Magic Number

Three Is The Magic Number

Create a garden which is packed with character and accessories, yet does not look messy or cluttered. How? By using the rule of 3 to group plants and objects! This is a secret weapon used by many designers, and it is based on one simple rule- when you are planting, buying pots or even thinking about which materials to use in your garden stick to using groups of three.

Plant three pots!

Take three large pots and plant identical plants in each one. Opt for strong architectural plants such as three phormiums, with their long, sword like leaves to make a real statement!

Go for triangles.

Even when planting in the ground, stick to the magic number of three. This will ensure that beds and borders do not look too rigid and formal.

Limit your materials

Hard landscaping is not excluded from the power of three. When laying paving and walling products try and think about using three materials, such as Flagstones for your patio, pavers or setts for your pathways and borders and walling to provide a variation of height to the garden.

Stick to three colours

It is easy to get distracted with the magic of colour that a trip to the garden centre will have. Try sticking to three main colours for planting.

Harmonious accessories

If you like collecting garden ornaments consider buying them in threes. Items such as garden sculptures and arty objects should be grouped together with varying heights to add interest and draw the eye to a particular focal point.

The Power of Three

Inspirational ideas for your garden.



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