Oct 11

Movie Night!

Movie Night!

So you're trying to think of how to utilise your patio and garden throughout the Autumn period, well how about an Outdoor Movie Night?

To create our outdoor movie night setup have a look at the list below for a few tips;

1. Start with several smaller indoor/outdoor area rugs

Figure on a minimum of one 3’ x 5’ rug or 4’ x ’6 rug per couple, or one 6’ x 9’ rug for a group of four. Not only will rugs provide protection from the cool ground and any creepy-crawlies, but they create a great foundation or colour palette for your outdoor decorations.

2. Make sure you have enough extension cords.

Figure out how many you'll need for the projector, DVD player or laptop, speakers, and any lights you’ll be using.

3. Offer several comfy seating options.

Everyone has their own preferences for what they like to sit on—flat on a blanket or rug with padding for back support? Or on a floor pillow or cushion?

4. Get in on the warming trend by providing some cosy throws

Just in case the temperature drops quickly! The fluffier the better.

5. Light it up.

White Christmas bulbs or decorative mini lanterns strung from trees or glass solar stake lights around the perimeter, all are good ways to provide just enough light for guests to make their way around, without distracting from the movie.

6. Invest in a good projector and screen.

You can also use a white sheet stretched against a wall as your movie screen, but in our experience, it always ends up sagging, wrinkling, or falling off its anchors—not exactly the most relaxing way to watch a film.

7. Pick a movie that works well under the stars.

Tie the movie into your decorating palette, or ask guests to wear an item of clothing or an accessory that reflects the theme.

8. Snack stylishly.

Put a twist on movie-theatre favourites by arranging treats on a pretty tray, and popcorn in a big bowl or basket that can be scooped into lunch-size paper bags.

Outside Movie Theatre Ideas

Some ideas to turn your garden into a cinematic extravaganza!