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10 Top Tips For Autumn Garden Preparation

10 Top Tips For Autumn Garden Preparation

The evenings are getting shorter and the days are getting colder. So how to do you prepare your garden for the impending seasonal change? Here are 10 simple tips to get your garden ready for beautiful autumn.

1. Paving and Flagstones

Clear up all the leaves and debris once the trees are bare. It’s also worth giving your paving and flagging a thorough clean with a stiff brush and some soapy water before the frost arrives so it will be less slippery and safer during the wet winter months.

2. Borders and beds

It’s well worth generally tidying up your borders by removing any dead foliage, leaves and weeds. Now is the time to empty out your compost bins of old, well-rotted material and spread all over the fresh soil to set it up for the spring and make it look presentable during the bare winter months.

3. Shrubs and trees

Prune any wayward branches on your structural shrubs to improve the overall shape and, if they need it, give your hedges a final trim before the frosts hit.

4. Garden structures

Once your borders and structural shrubs and trees have been cut back, it’s a good opportunity to gain easy access to carry out any maintenance work that may be required on your summerhouse, greenhouse or fencing.

5. Ponds and water features

Try to prevent your pond or water feature clogging up with leaves by temporarily covering in a net.

6. Bulbs

Plant out your spring bulbs before the winter kicks in. From snowdrops to crocus and daffodils, they all like well-fertilised, free-draining soil. When planting bulbs, the general rule of thumb is to plant at two or three times the depth of the bulb itself.

7. Cover Your Garden Furniture & Store Your Tools

Use covers to keep your garden furniture safe from the elements. Better to keep it looking in top condition by covering it during the months where the weather can have a detrimental effect on it.

To avoid rust, clean and thoroughly dry your garden tools before you store them away over the winter months.

8. De-weed Your Garden

Weeds are a pain for most gardeners in the UK and if you don’t get them under control prior to the beginning of winter you could face a massive de-weeding job on your hands come springtime.

Add a good quality fertiliser

9. Add Fertiliser to your Lawn

Give nature a helping hand by adding a good quality lawn fertiliser before your garden faces the autumn / winter season.

10. Dig Up Those Annual Flowers

Quick and easy to grow, annuals (perennials) are fantastic for bringing vibrant colours and visual diversity to any garden in the UK. It may seem counter-productive to uproot up these plants that looked so good during the spring and summer months, but it needs to be done.

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