Apr 20

Meet The Team - Donna O'Neill

Meet The Team - Donna O'Neill

Donna O'Neill, BSc Business Management.

Donna is our Outside Rooms Sales Advisor in our Toome branch, and probably the first smiling face you'll see entering the show room there. She's also the group party planner!

Hello, I'm Donna O'Neill, and I'm an Outside Rooms Sales Advisor. I'm usually the first point of contact for customers coming into the showroom in Toomebridge, so I love that I am part of a customer's journey from the beginning right through to seeing the completed project. Often customers come in with no idea what they want, and it's my job to guide them through the process. That involves, discussing their ideas, quantifying and costing, and the best part is the customer leaving with a smile on their face that they now know what they want.

Top tip: Bring me in photographs of your home. This really helps us to visualise the best design, and advise on the most suitable products for you.

You can contact Donna on 028 796 50631

Fun fact

I have somehow become the party planner for all Outside Rooms activities! I'm not sure how this happened, but I quite enjoy it. We're a very close team, so there's plenty of stories. But that's for another time…