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The perfect Staycation

The Perfect Staycation

Rest and relaxation don’t have to wait until your holiday, create a garden inspired by your favourite destination and escape all year round. Each culture has a unique approach to landscaping that can easily be drawn upon for inspiration and styling ideas for your own outdoor space.

A Moroccan Paradise

Morocco is famous for bright and striking courtyard gardens that are designed to emulate paradise. The gardens are a sacred space all about calmness, privacy and natural elements. Evergreen and architectural plants such as palm trees are a must, and very easy to maintain. No moroccan garden is complete without colourful tiles used to make impressive geometric designs across floors or walls. Flowing water is also intrinsic to paradise gardens, conveying ideas of spiritual refreshment and renewal.


A Tranquil Zen Retreat

Vanquish the stresses of your busy life with a peaceful place to disconnect and unwind inspired by the zen gardens of Japan. A zen garden, sometimes known as a Japanese rock garden, consists of a harmonious composition of rocks, soothing water features, gravel and mindfully pruned trees. As zen gardens are typically small and intimate, they present the perfect option for those people who are short on space. A Mile Stone water feature is the perfect soothing focal point for your very own zen retreat.


A rustic Tuscan giardino

The gardens of Tuscany are steeped in centuries of history resulting in a captivatingly rustic feel. Warm toned stonework, including walls and paths, creates the perfect canvas for a Tuscan garden. Terracotta pots of all sizes filled with aromatic herbs such as rosemary and sage will transport you to the Mediterranean. Olive trees can also survive the Irish climate when planted in large pots and are guaranteed to create an authentically Tuscan feel. Tuscany is famed for its spectacular piazzas. Our crossed Canterra flagstones with Fuge jointing material and Long Stone paving allow you to bring the feel of a beautiful Italian square to your own back garden.


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Ready to design your dream garden? Get in touch with our Outside Rooms team today.

Ready to design your dream garden? Get in touch with our Outside Rooms team today.