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Wabi-Sabi. Finding perfection in imperfection.

Wabi-Sabi. Finding perfection in imperfection.

First showcased at the RHS Chelsea Garden Show in 2017, Wabi Sabi, a Japanese lifestyle trend has become the talk of the gardening world. 

Wabi-Sabi is all about imperfection, which to those gardeners who have been striving for perfection all these years, may seem oh so wrong.

But yes, you read us right, perfection is a thing of the past and as of 2018, it’s all about embracing everything that is natural, authentic and simple even if it means the walls are showing cracks, the floorboards are weather-beaten or the flower pots are chipped.

Overgrown flowerbeds, moss-covered stones, rusty iron gates and weathered pots are suddenly bang on-trend. This trend isn’t just about loving old and worn items but celebrating eclecticism – mismatched furniture, patterns and textures. So don’t be afraid of mixing natural materials such as wood, metal, or stone; painting old watering cans in bright colours, and allowing natural rusting is a way of bringing it to life. Allowing these elements to age naturally does not show a lack of maintenance, but instead shows an appreciation of the nature of these materials. If you want to achieve the look right away our Heritage facing brick with its charming fragmented edges is ideal.

This trend is ideal for those among us who may be less green fingered than most striving for imperfection requires less time and it is also more environmentally friendly as it places importance on upcycling, reusing and contrary to most gardening tactics growing to love and accept weeds.

Goodbye to pin neat lawns, hello to uncultivated gardens that act as a home to wildlife insects and birds who are attracted to the mismatch of colours and materials associated with an imperfect garden. Allow weeds to grow between the fettled edges of our rustic Manor Stone flags to fully embrace the Wabi-Sabi feel.

This laid back style of gardening celebrates the natural world and offers homeowners an escape from the more clinical and minimalist trends that have dominated for the past while. This approach will also appeal to the more budget conscious among us who enjoy the reusing and repurposing of materials that already exist around the garden or the home.

 This summer, let nature take the lead.

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Ready to design your dream garden? Get in touch with our Outside Rooms team today.