Simple advice on how to keep your outside space looking fantastic.

All the products in the AG range have been made to last. Over time they will age naturally and beautifully. However, to keep them looking at their best we recommend a little basic care and maintenance.

Paving + Flags

Paving & Flags

AG recommend regular seasonal maintenance at least three times a year. A good rule of thumb is to commence at the start of the growing season (April), the middle of the growing season (July) and at the end of the growing season (September) - this may vary depending on weather conditions. Check out our Mildew, Moss and Fungus Removal product.

General Wear

Newly completed areas of paving or flagstones should only receive a light brushing in the first few months to allow joints to settle naturally. From then on, general maintenance should be carried out regularly. Using a bristle brush with mild detergent and hot water is normally all you need to remove any build-up of dirt and grime.

Weeds, Moss + Lichen

Unwanted plants, moss and fungi are easily controlled. The trick is to tackle them as soon as they appear - don’t allow them to get established. Use a proprietary weed killer on weeds and grass and a water-based fungicide or algicide on moss and lichen. As well as stocking all the products you need, your local builders merchant will also be able to offer you impartial advice and answer any questions you might have.

Top Tip... Use a separate spray to wash, as combined sprays aren’t as effective.

Heavy Staining

To remove hard to shift stains use a non-acid based proprietary cleaner. Always test a small area first and always follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Avoid acid based cleaners as they may damage the paving. 

Oil Stains

Oil will readily penetrate into most surfaces and once staining occurs it can be difficult to remove. If the staining is substantial it may be necessary to replace the products in the damaged area. Do not attempt to wipe the spilt oil as this only drives the oil deeper into the surface. Soak up stains promptly using absorbent material such as a paper towel then use a non-acid based proprietary cleaner in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

Power Washing

We don’t recommend using a power hose to clean your paving as high pressure hoses can damage the surface of products and remove the jointing sand or grout which holds them in place. If you carry out the simple, regular maintenance (as recommended previously), power washing shouldn’t be necessary. However, if you do decide to use a power washer you can help minimise the risk of damage by observing the following guidance: 

  1. Remove loose debris with a broom;
  2. Test small area first;
  3. Use a medium pressure or low pressure setting;
  4. Hold the hose at not more than a 30º angle;
  5. After the paving has dried, replace any jointing sand which has been removed.

Sealing of Paving + Flags

A variety of sealers and cleaners are available through your local builders merchant. However, please note that applying sealant may affect the colour of paving. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and check the product’s suitability by testing on a small area first. Responsibility for the performance of sealers and cleaners lies with the user and manufacturer of the product.

Abrasion Assistance

Abrasions marks maybe present on pavers with undulating surfaces, these marks are a superficial effect from the slight movement of the product during transit and will disappear after a few weeks weathering.




Garden Walling

Concrete Adhesive

Garden WallingRegal Stone, Bayfield and Diamond are all mortarless systems requiring no cement to hold them together. Cap stones should be applied using a concrete adhesive thus eliminating the need for mortar and the associated risk of mortar stains.

Montage Fix is available from AG.

General Wear

Clean using a stiff bristle brush, mild detergent and water from a low pressure hose.

Remedial Work

Any type of remedial work should first be tested on a small area. Remedial cleaning procedures may affect the appearance of the masonry. 

Power Washing

Using a power-hose is not recommended as it may damage the surface of the product.


It is best to take preventative measures if graffiti is likely to occur. Anti-graffiti systems are available which consist of a protective sacrificial coating on the masonry which acts as a barrier against the adhesion of the graffiti.


Advice + Assistance

To achieve a quality finish to your project always choose a reputable installer, builder or hard landscaping contractor. Take time to look at previous jobs they have worked on and don’t be afraid to ask to see examples of their work in situ. If you need advice, your local builders merchant will be able to suggest a number of specialist companies in your area.

For further information on choosing a layer visit our advice page or you can view our approved layers.

Ordering + Returns

Before placing an order ask your contractor to calculate exact area measurements for you; this will reduce the risk of over/under ordering. Please note: project plans and actual size frequently vary and unfortunately AG cannot accept returns.


All quality products with a high cement content may, in their early life, exhibit milky-white staining. This is known as efflorescence (or white bloom). It is a temporary phenomenon which is in no way detrimental to the performance of the product. It is difficult to predict how long it will last as factors such as climate conditions, location and aspect all have an effect. However, in some instances it can take in excess of twelve months to disappear.

AG cannot be held responsible for the occurrence of this phenomenon and the best course of action is to let nature take its course.

If you have any further queries, please contact your nearest Outside Rooms branch.

All products are manufactured from natural materials and although we strive to provide consistency of colour, variation may occur in the manufacturing process - this applies to all concrete products within the paving industry. It is for this reason we recommend that products are selected from at least three bales, within each delivery.

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