Entertainment Area

Outdoor Entertainment Area

The ultimate outdoor experience

Use the right combinations of colours and textures to create a sociable 'hot spot' - perfect for entertaining friends and family. 

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Contemporary living

For many, dinner and drinks are much more appealing than endless digging and dead-heading.

That’s when a design like this comes into its element. Contemporary paving, minimalist walling and raised beds create an outside area that’s perfect for dining, cooking or relaxing. It’s no longer ‘outside’, it’s an extension to your living space.

There’s nothing better than wining, dining and entertaining in your own home, especially when you have the space and the style to do it outside. We have a number of contemporary styled products that are perfect for creating a modern, flexible and design-led alternative to your everyday back garden.

Sleek and stylish

Our TerraPave flag range is subtly different and highly impressive.

The ground, highly finished surface reflects light and brings extra life to your exterior. Enhanced with granite chippings, TerraPave even sparkles when it’s wet, making your outside entertaining space look amazing even in the rain.

This space may look stunning, but it is also highly practical. The closed surface of the flagstones gives them a texture that is much easier to maintain and keep clean – making them the perfect choice for entertaining.


Although it might not look like it, the choice of grouting sand between the flags is just as important as the choice of flag. Always check with one of the AG Outside Rooms staff to make sure you are choosing a complementary finish! 

Cosy Cantina

Consider convenience - try to keep your outdoor eating space within walking distance of your indoor kitchen to reduce trips back-and-forth.

Even with more compact gardens, it’s so easy to create the perfect cantina vibe. Utilise taller plants in containers to provide shade when eating. Careful choices of paving and walling products can be used to create a comfortable, easy-to-maintain outdoor cooking and eating space that’s perfect for showing off your culinary skills.

The best, bar none

Make the most of those long summer evenings with a stylish, elegant al fresco dining or drinks area.  

Creating a bar area in your outside room will give you a practical, flexible serving space that you can use all day – whether it’s as a breakfast bar, a snack bar or, in the evening, somewhere to serve refreshments when the kids are tucked up in bed. Designed for use all year round, a striking room is the perfect way to impress your friends and give them an evening to remember.

Take some time out!

Create a tranquil space for you to catch up on your reading, or simply enjoy looking at your beautiful garden.

Retaining walls can add an extra dimension to garden spaces by providing interest through terraced landscaping. Suitable for both straight and curved retaining walls, each of our walling systems can be used to create robust, attractive beds and retaining walls.

The beauty of our retaining walls isn’t only in the rich colours and finishes, it’s also in the simplicity of its construction. With no need for mortar or adhesives, each stone simply slots into the other so it’s quick and easy to construct.

Need a bigger wall?

In addition to our garden walling, we also provide a complete retaining wall solution for taller structures.

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Some examples of entertaining areas