Tiers + Slopes

Tiers + Slopes

Access All Areas

Every part of a garden should be enjoyed by everyone. Our flexible range of paving and walling is the perfect tool to bring both accessibility and design to every part of the garden.

Used in combination with solar powered lighting and other technologies, you can create a useful additional space for everyone to enjoy. 


This contemporary scheme uses a number of clever choices to make the garden area accessible for everyone.

The gently sloped pathway is made from Silver Plaza paving blocks, finished with a complementary granite grouting sand. It’s textured surface adds to the slip resistance of the finish, which is doubly important for an incline.

The retaining wall system is made from Aspen Stone in Canelletto, a natural stone with a weathered, textured finish. These small, light weight blocks are perfect for a simple, quick DIY project and complete with a matching cap, they really look and feel the part.

Plus, lighting helps to define the path on dark evenings.

Combining textures and finishes

Create impact by mixing and matching colours and finishes from our eclectic product range. 

In this scheme, the large outer area is laid in Country Cobble - one of our most popular paving options - traditional paving with a distinctive rumbled finish and are used for the ramp up to the entrance doors.

A handy 'chill out' area was created using premium TerraPave flagstones and edged with Mile Stone kerbing - creating a neat planted area.

Hand rails keep the upper tier safe and help with the path incline.


Choosing a more textured surface will help with slip resistance.

It's not all uphill

Don't let split ground levels or steep hills ruin the look of your garden.

We know that not everyone has the luxury or having a nice flat perfectly level garden area. So here is an excellent example of how retaining walls can overcome the problem of split ground levels and leave your garden looking fantastic. 

This shows that even a garden on the steepest of slopes can be transformed into something practical and visually attractive as long as you have the right products and design.

Old world charm

One of our original decorative paving options, Country Cobble remains close to our hearts – and it’s easy to see why.

Creating the mellow, aged look of reclaimed paving but with all the advantages of a modern, easy-to-lay paving system, it’s a versatile, low maintenance product, that will add character and heritage to your outside room.

Perfect for traditional, old world style homes and gardens and extremely versatile when building steps and ramps.


Some example of Tiers + Slopes