Fuge Jointing Grout

Fuge Jointing Grout

Fuge is a one-component, ready to use jointing mortar, suitable for concrete paving and flagstone products.

Selling points:

  • Fuge is easy to apply.
  • Much easier to use than jointing with a trowel.
  • Can be applied regardless of weather conditions.
  • It is permanently water permeable.
  • Prevents weeds from sprouting.
Fuge - Basalt colour


  • Joint Width: min. 5-6mm. To achieve the best results we recommend that a 5mm gap is left between the base of the flags.
  • Joint Depth: min. 20 - 25mm (1 inch).
  • Colours: Basalt / Buff / Natural Grey
  • Pack Size: 12.5 Kg bucket
  • Coverage: approx 6m2 per bucket

What do I need to do?

Before you begin, the under-base must be water permeable to allow the water to get away, otherwise Fuge won’t cure properly.

Ensure your base is correct - proper drainage must be put in. Ensure there is a good aggregate below. The base needs to be solid beforehand. If the paving moves before you fill the joint, then it will move with the material and cause problems. It is important to have your base correct first.

Make sure there are no contaminants and that the surface is clean before you begin. If sand is present in the joint it will weaken the integrity of Fuge and cause cracks and breaks to appear.

Fuge - Buff colour


SAFETY NOTE: Please wear protective clothing when applicable.

1. Wet the area

Soak the paving area thoroughly, ensuring it is completely saturated with water. Presoaking the surface will prevent the build-up of residue on the concrete surface.

NB. If you have a large area to cover, do it in sections. Only soak an area you will be able to cover - keep it manageable.

2. Applying Fuge

Open the bucket and empty Fuge onto the wet surface. Using a soft brush, sweep the material diagonally into the joints until they are completely filled (don’t use a hard brush or it will scrape the material out of the joints again).

3. Rinse into joints

Rinse the material into joints with soft jets of water - this helps to fill the joints deeply and without voids. Re-apply Fuge where necessary.

4. Sweep off

Finally, spray the paving area with a soft jet of water and sweep off any loose material before the drying process begins. This will ensure the joints are flush to the paving.

Do not point jets of water directly into the joints.

5. Clean up

When it is dry, you can go along and brush any loose product from the paving.


  • Depending on how wet the area is, it could take a max. 24 hours to set. On a good sunny day it can take only a couple of hours to cure.
  • While it’s drying, you can walk on the paving but don’t walk on the joints (so there’s no cracking).
  • If there is any Fuge left over, put it back into the bucket and cover the level with water. It will last up to 2 months.

Installation Video

A quick demo of how to install Fuge


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Find out more

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