Stone + Tile Cleaner

Stone + Tile Cleaner

Stone and Tile Cleaner reduces the surface tension of dirt and cleans powerfully.


  1. Soft Floor Brush
  2. Measuring Jug
  3. Deck Scrubbing Brushes
  4. Buckets
  5. Garden Hose/Water Supply


SAFETY NOTE: Please wear protective clothing including glasses for eye protection, a face mask and gloves.

1. Preparation

Soak the area to the point in which the flagstones/paving blocks are saturated, and remove any access surface water with soft floor brush. 

NB. If you have a large area to cover, do it in sections. Only soak an area you will be able to cover - keep it manageable.

2. Dilution of cleaning

This is to be done depending on the type and degree of contamination. It may require 2 to 3 washings depending on staining. We recommend mixing the solution in a bucket or basin.

Solid Area - dilute the tile and floor cleaner concentrate to a ratio of 3 parts water to 1 part concentrate, this normally suffices for ground in dirt, etc.

Heavily Stained Area - in heavy stained cases wash area as per ‘solid area’ directions, then do a secondary wash using 1 parts water to 1 part concentrate.

Concentrated Staining - in extreme cases use undiluted. Care to be taken using neat to not leave cleaner on surface any longer than 2-3 minutes.

3. Cleaning process

STEP 1 - Apply the appropriate dilution of “cleaning Mix” using the hard scrubbing ensuring each flag is covered several times backwards and forwards and scrubbing vigorously a flag at a time as you progress (a white soapy appearance should be seen over the flags).

STEP 2 - Apply more of the cleaning mix using the soft brush, working a section at a time using circular motion to work the cleaner into the surface as much as possible.

STEP 3 - Repeat step 1.

4. Allow cleaner to soak

Leave the flags for approximately 5 minutes.

NB. In dry conditions avoid allowing the solution to dry out, as this may result in permanent white staining on surface. In fast drying conditions we recommend this to be a two person process.

5. Rinse area

Using scrubbing brush working from an edge, rescrub the flags before or in front of the person rinsing off the cleaning solution. Ensure the flags are rinsed thoroughly.

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