Garden Walling

Garden Walling

Wonderful Walling

Attractive landscaping using walling in a garden will also add value to your property – and bring a fresh new perspective to your outside living experience.

In most typical gardens, a competent DIY enthusiast can design and build something that meets their requirements, but if you want the wow factor you should ask the experts. We offer the following ideas:

Raised Beds

Raised beds are simple to create and are ideal for small landscaping projects.

The fact that they can be built without mortar or concrete and are available in a variety of finishes makes them particularly appealing. Plus, when finished off with a matching cap, this they can easily double up as a seat.

With our Anchor walling range for example we have designed shapes and textures at an affordable price that blend with the environment to create attractive and functional landscape features.


Our range of dry build (no mortar required), interlocking retaining walls are easily built by DIYers. The secret is to plan where your wall is going using some sand, then dig down and get your first course perfectly level. The rest of the wall will then be simple and quick to build.


Our Bayfield retaining wall is perfect to provide you with a curved raised bedding area.

This easy-to-build, mortar-free vertical walling system is an excellent focal point to your garden and also provides additional protection for flowers and plants from footballs and little hands and feet.

Both Aspen Stone and Regal Stone have a classic face style and cut-stone appearance which gives them a timeless quality, while curving designs and innovative colour add a more modern appeal.

Contemporary or Traditional

Whatever look you go for, either contemporary or traditional, a well designed outside space is an instantly enjoyable addition to any home that can add value in many ways.

Any ordinary flat surface is improved when depth and height are added. Anchor retaining walls also provides the opportunity to add colour and texture by the use of suitable planting.

Retaining Walls

Designing a retaining wall feature will add life and depth to any garden and it contrasts beautifully with other surfaces such as grass and timber.

As our retaining walls are mortarless, they are quick and simple to build and can be used in a variety of different features and applications within the garden environment, from simple raised planters and tree rings through to terraced gardens and patio areas.


Some examples of Garden Walling



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