Patio Paradise

With an increasing interest in patio gardens, there has never been a better time to create a beautiful area at the rear of your house – and it’s something that will also enhance the value for your home.

Make the best use of the space that you have.

Bring it to life

To create a contemporary Mediterranean concept we recommend our TerraPave® natural aggregate flag range. With its sharp lines and refined colours it gives an area a bright and open feel.

If you wish to complement your patio with some walling, we recommend our Bayfield range, with its rough hewn, weathered appearance. Use it to define areas while creating a natural flow and direction around a garden. 

Create your ideal garden

If you prefer a more traditional setting in which to relax or entertain then the rustic cottage concept is what you should take your inspiration from.

Our Manor Stone is an ideal product to compliment the more mature building and surrounding area. With its rustic courtyard pattern and timeless colour blends it can either set a tone or marry into an existing area and features a unique undulating surface with subtle waved edging that perfectly recreates the beauty of natural stone.

A rustic setting

Country Cobble paving is perfect for patios and pathways with its rustic, reclaimed appearance in soft warm colour blends. It's an easy-to-lay, low maintenance product that will add character and heritage to your outside living space.

Our Bayfield walling is perfect for an enclosed entertaining area. Modern and contemporary in appearance, it’s the ideal choice when building walls and is suitable for both straight and curved retaining walls around the home.

Create some flower beds for impact, add some outdoor lighting, and if you opt for a raised bed, the wall itself can be used as seating area.

A vibrant, modern classic

Plaza paving has a fresh, crisp look and a non-slip surface. Combine with modern planters and accessories for a contemporary garden look and feel.

Made from high grade aggregates, including granite, this quality paving option is frequently used in outdoor spaces for impact and definition.

Complement Plaza with a quality textured edging, such as our TerraKerb reconstituted granite kerbs. 

Bring your indoors 'outdoors'

The lightly embossed surface of Canterra® flagstones provides a close match for natural stone.

Besides looking absolutely stunning in situ, they’re much easier to clean and maintain than traditional flagstones due to their surface finish. This also makes them great internally - so you can bring your indoors 'outdoors' seamlessly.

Bayfield walling is perfect for creating some raised bedding areas. This easy-to-build, mortar-free vertical walling system provides additional protection for flowers and plants from little hands and feet. Plus, if you finish with capping blocks it will provide a handy seating area.


Some examples of patios